DIY Faux Hair Hide Swag



I’ve been thinking about adding a fur hide to our new living space for awhile now, and with this weekend’s fall weather blowing in with determination, I decided to take an hour break from hauling moving boxes and make a faux fur swag to cozy up our space for winter.

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[Make Your Own] Patterned Leggings


I love me a good pair of leggings. A mostly cotton blend with spandex for elasticity and retention, and of course ones that fit me just right.  When I’m not at work, I live in my leggings.  Yep, they’re crazy comfortable and perfect with over-sized flowy tops and sweaters and flats. What’s not to love?  So when my favorite pair began wearing through as they inevitably do, I decided to use them as a “pattern” and create a few more pairs that fit just like them, but this time using graphic fabric that I’ve been holding onto waiting for precisely this project to come along.

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Instagram Lately: September


Finally! The day we’ve been awaiting for 6+ weeks has arrived. Today we pick up the keys to our new apartment in the North Loop! Yahooooo! It’s been 5 years of hunkering down in a very pocketbook friendly/not-so-updated apartment with the goal of saving for our first home fund. Eye on the prize, Erin, eye on the prize. Well it’s paid off, and we now have our 20% down payment saved! The only glitch is that we haven’t quite found the right first home for us, so we’re moving downtown to experience city life for awhile as we continue the house hunt. I can’t wait to get settled and make this new apartment, our apartment. Pictures to follow!

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Fresh & Crunchy Saltwater Pickles


Pickllllles! Oh do I love pickles. Especially the ones you find at Yum! Kitchen any time you order one of their gourmet sandwiches. Have you tried their pickles? They’re bright green, crunchy and salty, and they’re tough to find anywhere else. Thus I decided to make some at home, so that we wouldn’t need to buy a sandwich every time we had a craving for one.

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5 DIY’s to Try

5 awesome handmade projects to sink your teeth into this month…


Vintage Revival’s creativity and can-do astounds me. How cool is her DIY geometric parquet floor? For us renters, easily translate this marvelousness into a tabletop!

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Weekend DIY: Lattice Tote


I’m so excited to share a faux leather tote I’ve been working on! When I came across this crazy cool DIY leather plant hanger on Design Sponge, it got my wheels turning as I loved the shapes that were created simply by making slits in the leather. Since we’re not huge indoor plant people (other than the baby fiddle leaf fig tree that we affectionately call “Figgy”), I used the technique as inspiration, and created a tote instead.
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